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We are the leader on the Polish market of intermodal transport. We provide comprehensive, integrated logistics solutions for intermodal transport.

Experts agree that intermodal transport is soon to become a key part of the rail cargo transport in Poland. The current containerisation level in Poland is lower than the European average, but the gap will be systematically bridging. In recent years, the intermodal segment grew at a double-digit rate.

over 400,000 containers in 2017

over 50% market share in 2017

over 10% of our business is intermodal

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport is a service whereby goods are transported by multiple means of transport, i.e. a train, ship and car, and only one transport unit - e.g. a container. PKP CARGO CONNECT and PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL are PKP CARGO's company specialised in the area, providing e.g. door-to-door, just-in-time and place-on-time services.

Our investment in intermodal transport

We invest in the development of intermodal rail transport and related infrastructure. In December 2013, we commissioned a modern terminal Poznań-Franowo, and added 330 new container wagons to our rolling stock depot in 2014.

Good prospects

The intermodal market in Poland is growing explosively. The last decade saw a double-digit yearly growth. The share of intermodal services in the total rail transport grew from 2% to over 10% during that time.

Container transport is a huge opportunity for the railway. We know how to take it. By investing in our rolling stock and infrastructure, we establish a new quality in logistics, combining various transport modes."


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