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We are a team of people who are keen to develop and are not afraid of challenges. Take a look at your career opportunities with PKP CARGO. Check for vacancies

500 new train drivers in 2014

18,000 staff

200 locations

Why choose PKP CARGO as a career path?
Recruitment process

Why choose PKP CARGO as a career path? We are one of the largest and most reliable employers in Poland.

We employ over 18,000 staff at 200 locations in Poland. We hired a total of 500 engine drivers last year alone.

PKP CARGO provides room for development and pursuit of career ambitions. We ensure an extensive programme of training and upskilling. We provide stable terms of employment and a friendly atmosphere, based on respect, ethical conduct and best practices. The success of PKP CARGO is built by people, which is why we value every single staff member.

Our team is made up of highly qualified employees. 

We look for people who are open-minded, enthusiastic about new challenges and keen to develop.

The recruitment process consists of multiple stages. Based on application documents, we select and invite shortlisted candidates for an interview attended by HR personnel and prospective supervisors. The candidate is then provided with details about the terms of employment, company expectations, and opportunities for professional development. We notify all candidates of the outcome of the recruitment process. We ensure that our new staff members feel comfortable on their new positions. Join our team!

"Human Resources Management Leader"

We are two-time (2009, 2012) award winners in the prestigious competition "Human Resources Management Leader", organised by the Institute of Labour and Social Studies.

"Trustworthy Employer"

"Trustworthy Employer" is the title we have been awarded in the annual competition organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce. By awarding the title, the jury recognised human resources management methods at PKP CARGO. The award reinforces our belief that caring for employees and using modern employment policy solutions does produce the expected outcomes.

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