Purchasing platform

PKP CARGO – a good investment

The identified strengths of the PKP CARGO Group and numerous development opportunities make the company’s shares an attractive option for diversifying an investment portfolio.

  • A strong brand known for rail freight.
  • Freight licences in nine European countries.
  • Regional leadership (PL market) in bulk freight: PKP CARGO is a leader in bulk freight, which gives the company control over a significant part of the market in this segment.
  • The largest rolling stock fleet in the CEE region.
  • Specialised rolling stock: Specialised wagons and locomotives required for transporting different types of goods.
  • Diversity of transport: The ability to transport a variety of goods, including intermodal transport, which enables adaptation to changing market needs.
  • Readiness of organisational structures for foreign expansion (PKP International):
  • International cooperation, for example in Romania and Serbia.
  • Terminal infrastructure: resources in various key locations in Poland.
  • Development of intermodal transport: the trend towards increased intermodal transport represents an opportunity for the company, particularly in terms of improving efficiency.
  • Implementing green strategies: European and governmental green and Green Deal initiatives can create opportunities for the company to upgrade and expand its rolling stock to new standards.
  • Sustainable mobility: increasing environmental awareness may encourage customers to use rail instead of road transport.
  • Development of international cooperation: continuing cooperation with foreign partners – especially in the Three Seas region countries.
  • Efficient management of resources: focusing on the efficient management of resources, such as rolling stock and infrastructure, can bring benefits in the form of reduced costs and improved productivity.
  • Financial support from EU funds: access to EU funds can help modernise the company’s fleet and infrastructure.
  • Diversification of revenue sources: implementation of a strategy to diversify revenue sources.
  • The last mile: the offer of comprehensive d2d transport can increase the attractiveness of PKP CARGO.
  • Construction of new terminals: good terminal locations and the offer of services around transport can increase the competitiveness of PKP CARGO – the network of aerial connections.
  • Expansion: the growing importance of the Three Seas region in international trade.