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For the environment

Responsible environmental management is one of the ESG standards implemented at PKP CARGO.

The Company’s core business of operating rail freight transport is one of the most significant areas of development in land transport that addresses climate protection expectations. The strategic objective of PKP CARGO S.A.’s responsible activity in the area of environmental protection is to carry out safe freight transport using rolling stock that meets environmental requirements.

Greenhouse gas emissions of rail freight transport are almost six times lower than those of road freight transport.

Mitigating negative environmental impacts

We are reducing air emissions by purchasing modern electric locomotives and retrofitting our existing rolling stock, i.e. locomotives and wagons.

We are successively removing sources of low emissions, which are small coal-fired boiler plants for heating buildings and facilities.

An acoustic retrofit programme for freight wagons is gradually being implemented.

Cast iron brake inserts are replaced with composite ones.

We eliminate the risks associated with hazardous substance spills.

We use measures and technologies that eliminate the danger at the source (environmental first-aid kits, drip trays, oil separators, bunded tanks, etc.).

We are developing internal waste management solutions and regulations.

We have identified methods of dealing with the waste posing the greatest environmental risks (electrical and electronic equipment, asbestos, batteries, locomotive wrecks, etc.).

We organise training and provide educational materials.

We promote environmental awareness among employees and support their responsible involvement in sustainable development.