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Code of ethics

PKP CARGO S.A. has a Code of Ethics that contains a compilation of values and principles of behaviour followed by the Company in its relations with employees, customers, suppliers, competition and the community.

In addition, the above principles define its approach to minimising the company’s environmental damage resulting from its operations. This document was prepared with the cooperation of the Company’s employees and customers. Efforts have already been made to implement the “PKP CARGO Group Code of Ethics” and the “PKP CARGO Group Anti-Corruption and Gift Policy”, as well as to appoint Compliance Coordinators in individual Group companies who will liaise with the PKP CARGO S.A. Compliance Department. Coordinators in the companies will be responsible for explaining all ethics violations and acts of corruption and will be required to submit quarterly reports on their activities to the PKP CARGO S.A. Compliance Department, including the number of irregularities reported, investigations carried out, trainings conducted and an annual report on the functioning of the Group’s Anti-Corruption and Gift Policy and the Group’s Code of Ethics. The annual report will include, in particular, a summary of the breaches reported and the corrective action taken in relation to the breaches identified. The aforementioned solution will strengthen preventive measures and allow monitoring of processes related to the area of ethics, anti-corruption and other abuses throughout the PKP CARGO Group by fostering the culture of doing the right thing. It is only possible with the right employee awareness policy and the involvement of governing bodies and senior management (Eng. tone from the top).