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PKP CARGO S.A., with the 20 subsidiaries forming the PKP CARGO Group, is the leading operator of rail freight transport in Poland and one of the market leaders in the European Union. Our service offering focuses on the professional management of an integrated logistics service chain.

Our services are used by companies that represent key sectors of the economy, including the mining, metallurgical, construction, chemical, food, timber and automotive industries. Our services are based on the ALL IN model, which includes not only the transport of the cargo itself, but also freight forwarding, customs, transhipment and delivery to the final recipient.

(as at the end of 2022)
billion tonne-kilometres
freight shipped in 2022
million tonnes
freight transported in 2022


With our structured approach, we provide transport, forwarding, terminal, siding and traction services, and repair and maintenance of rolling stock. We also provide remediation services.

The Group owns more than 1,500 locomotives and more than 53,000 wagons, making it the largest rolling stock among freight rail operators in Poland. Another of PKP CARGO Group’s strengths is the wide network of PKP CARGO Group’s own conventional and intermodal terminals that provide services for both bulk cargo and intermodal loading units.

The PKP CARGO Group’s intermodal terminals have an area of more than 70 hectares and a handling capacity of 1.2 million TEUs per year. This means that PKP CARGO is largely independent in relation to the transhipment capacity of other operators.

The history of Poland’s national railways dates back to 1926.

PKP (the Polish State Railways) was established in 1926 as a state-owned enterprise to consolidate the three railway systems operating in Polish areas that had been taken over from Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. PKP’s operations included both freight and passenger transport, as well as rail infrastructure management.

PKP functioned as a centralised entity until 2001, at which point the process of restructuring state railways was initiated. PKP was transformed into a joint stock company owned by the State Treasury, while transport services and infrastructure management were spun off into separate companies, controlled by PKP.

As part of this process, PKP CARGO S.A. was established in October 2001, upon approval of the Minister of Transport. The company took over the freight side of the former PKP (employees, rolling stock, sidings, some of the property). In 2013, PKP CARGO debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed rail freight operator in the European Union.