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Approach to the ESG issues

ESG areas affect company performance although they are treated as non-financial issues. More recently, ESG has been subject to regulatory requirements and must be reported as part of periodic reports.

The company is building its growth understood as sustainable development at the intersection of financial performance, commercial activities and ESG. Sustainability is about all round development and benefits for all stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. It is rational to use resources in way that both serves the company and avoids harming others. Sustainable development is a lasting and long-term process, broken down into a series of initiatives and projects, implemented through continuous activities over a longer period of time.

PKP CARGO Group published its ESG Strategy for 2024-2028.

It sets an overarching goal: “actively shaping the rail market, the most sustainable form of freight transportation, through investment, innovation, market education and the pursuit of excellence in the sphere of management” and eight operational goals.

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In 2023, the PKP CARGO Group developed and published its first Sustainability Report involving all subsidiaries in a joint venture.

The report covered the areas of corporate governance, environmental issues and the social sphere. For the first time, disclosures in line with the Sustainability Taxonomy – showing how much of our business activities at group level are compliant with EU sustainability regulations – were also reported.

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The Group is addressing the increasingly pressing matters of sustainability.

The report addresses the areas of interest to the Group’s stakeholders, indicating the inseparable nature and mutual permeability of the financial and non-financial aspects of the business. For the PKP CARGO Group, being a leading logistics operator is inextricably linked to environmental and social responsibility. Sustainability is an important aspect of rail freight, with a particularly low carbon footprint and the potential to achieve zero carbon in a short time frame.

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