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The scholarship programme is addressed to secondary school students studying a railway profession who apply for the programme and meet certain criteria.

Qualifying students will receive academic scholarships from PKP CARGO. The scholarship is an individual award providing a form of financial support for students with outstanding academic results who are guaranteed a job in rolling stock operation and maintenance positions at the Company’s facilities after graduation.

Schools interested in pursuing cooperation with PKP CARGO S.A. in the area of academic scholarships are invited to contact us by email: [email protected]

Practical classes are an important and necessary part of students’ education.

They give them the chance to put their own knowledge and skills up against the requirements of specific employers. Apprenticeships are offered to students and young persons to help them acquire the professional skills necessary to find a job in a given occupation. In the case of practical classes held at the employer’s premises, including under the dual training system, the aim is also to put professional knowledge and skills into practice and expand them in real working conditions. Practical classes will be held during educational activities.