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The PKP CARGO Group is a leading international rail freight operator in Poland and the EU. It offers transport services in integrated logistics chains combining rail, road and maritime transport.

The offered services include: transport, forwarding, transhipment, warehousing, customs clearance. PKP CARGO’s services are used by many industries, including mining, metallurgy, construction, chemicals, food, timber and automotive. The offer is tailored to the individual needs of the customer. The PKP CARGO Group consists of: PKP CARGO, PKP CARGO CONNECT, PKP CARGO TERMINALE, PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL, PKP CARTGO TABOR, PKP CARGO SERVICE and more.

Structure of the PKP CARGO Group

In order to provide the widest range of holistic and comprehensive transport services, the PKP CARGO Group combines companies with specialised areas of activity within a single organisation. The structure of the entire PKP CARGO Group includes 20 subsidiaries, 10 of which are directly controlled by PKP CARGO S.A., 10 are indirectly controlled and one is co-controlled by a company fully controlled by PKP CARGO S.A. In three other companies, PKP CARGO S.A. or companies controlled by it have a minority shareholding of less than 50 percent, but not less than 20 percent. The last group consists of five companies in which PKP CARGO S.A. or directly controlled companies hold a minority share of less than 20 per cent.

subsidiaries within the Group

The company focuses on the operation of railway sidings, freight rail transport and traction services. It has developed its own methods for comprehensive siding management, cost optimisation and continuous improvement of procedures. Shunting services in sidings supports inland transport. Domestic and international rail services are operated with either own or entrusted rolling stock.

PKP CARGO SERVICE has professional technical staff for track infrastructure maintenance services. Services include: technical testing, diagnostics, inspections and maintenance, current and emergency repairs and repairs to track infrastructure. The company partners with companies operating in the industrial sector, including coal (coal mines), minerals (aggregate mines), and energy (power plants and combined heat and power plants), among others.

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The company’s core business is the maintenance and adaptation of rolling stock to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the transported goods. The company provides services in six locations, including three rolling stock repair facilities with 12 branches (in Gdynia, Olsztyn, Tczew, Toruń, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Jaworzyna Śląska, Kluczbork, Szczecin, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Kraków, Tarnowskie Góry, Zabrzeg Czarnolesie), a locomotive repair facility with branches in Ostrów Wielkopolski and Czerwieńsk, and two facilities located in Zduńska Wola and Łódź. The facilities specialise in the production and refurbishment of wagon and locomotive parts.

PKP CARGOTABOR is one of the largest companies providing repairs, maintenance and retrofitting of rolling stock in Europe.

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Collection, treatment and disposal of waste and recovery of raw materials. Lease of property.

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The purpose of the terminals is to handle trade between EU countries, Ukraine, Belarus and countries in the Far East. The terminals allow the handling and storage of most types of cargo. The company has two locations: in the area of Przemyśl on the Polish-Ukrainian border in the European Transport Corridor No. 3 as a 1,640 km road and rail connection (Berlin – Wrocław – Kraków – Przemyśl – Lviv – Kiev), and at the Medyka-Mościska railway border crossing and in the Terespol area on the Polish-Belarusian border in European Transport Corridor no. 2 (Berlin – Poznań – Warsaw – Brest – Minsk – Smolensk – Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod).

Transshipment is handled with specialised heavy equipment, suited to the specific nature of the goods in each case. The company’s services are used by hundreds of Polish and international companies.

PKP CARGO Terminals has nearly 80 years of experience in cargo handling, storage, forwarding and clearance.

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The company is focused on the sale of handling and ancillary related services, customs and freight forwarding and the sale of imported coal. CARGOSPED prepares and performs terminal services such as transhipment, storage, sorting, bagging and customs and forwarding services with its own resources. Since March 2022, the company has traded coal imported from various countries, other than Russia, by Polish undertakings.

The company’s customers are importers and exporters of bulk goods. The company regularly invests to streamline its logistical and organisational processes.

It has more than 20 years of experience in coal trading. Its strengths also include convenient location and well-developed rail and road infrastructure.

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CARGOTOR provides logistics and service infrastructure to rail operators on commercial terms for individual railway stakeholders.

The company manages the Małaszewicze Transshipment Area, which consists of around 180 kilometres of tracks with stations: Chotyłów, Małaszewicze, Kobylany, Bór and the Zaborze, Wólka, Podsędków i Raniewo areas. CARGOTOR also manages 24 dispatch points with a total length of 14.7 kilometres of tracks. In addition, the company is involved in providing logistics and service infrastructure to rail operators on commercial terms.

In addition, the company maintains the track infrastructure that ensures safe transport of goods by rail in the area it manages. The company’s technological development is based primarily on maintaining the infrastructure to improve the quality of services.

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PKP CARGO CONNECT is an international logistics operator that provides comprehensive transport, transhipment, warehousing and customs services. It includes rail and road freight forwarding, arrangement of maritime and air transport, ferry transport between Poland and Scandinavia, transport of oversized and heavy cargo, and biomass and grain logistics. The company specialises in the national and international transport of shipping containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers using customer-specific and operator trains within the intermodal service network.

Its services include maritime, road and rail transport in Poland, other EU countries and Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the UK.

The PKP CARGO CONNECT Group consists of CARGOSPED Terminal Braniewo, PKP CARGO CONNECT, TRANSGAZ and Sławków-Medyka Transshipment Terminals.

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The PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group with PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL HU Zrt., PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL SK a.s., PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL SI d.o.o. i AWT ROSCO a.s. specialises in the transport of heavy goods such as coal, steel, construction materials or products from the automotive, food and chemical industries. The Group also provides services in Europe in such areas as long-distance rail transport, intermodal transport, rail forwarding, siding operation, railway construction and track services, railway wagon rental, repair and washing, locomotive repair and maintenance. In addition to freight transport, the PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group, through its company AWT Rekultivace a.s., has extensive experience in reclamation, earth and construction works and waste management.

The Group has its own intermodal transhipment terminal Paskov, which operates 60 railway sidings and owns approximately 400 kilometres of traction. The company’s head office is located in Ostrava (Czech Republic).

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The main activity of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL HU is railway freight transport . The Company offers railway services of high quality at competitive prices. Its trains run in all Hungarian regions, and its international agreements with railway operators of the neighbouring countries allow the continuous and optimal organizing of freight transportation in export, import and transit.

The company uses the facilities of the parent PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group. PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL HU can carry out transports to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and China in accordance with SMGS rules.

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Company PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL SK, member of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group, provides comprehensive rail freight services in Slovakia.

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Company PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL SI, member of PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group, provides comprehensive rail freight services in Slovenia.

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The areas of activity of the company include cleaning of rail tank wagons, trucks or tankers and management of hazardous waste and the treatment of waste water.

The company is based in Ostrava (Czech Republic).

The company provides engineering construction services, including the management and brownfield regeneration (including mining sites), demolition work, management of waste management facilities, decommissioning of pits, soil decontamination, etc. The services of AWT Rekultivace eliminate the negative effects of human activity and restore the original beauty of nature. What sets the company apart are its long experience, dedicated employees and specialised in-house techniques. In its operations, the company is guided by values such as health and safety, regulatory compliance, environmental responsibility, expertise, and innovation and teamwork.

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