Purchasing platform

Rolling stock

With our rolling stock, we are capable of operating several hundred trains every day. PKP CARGOTABOR maintains, retrofits and repairs our wagons and locomotives.

new generation six-axle Dragon electric locomotives
intermodal platforms in the wagon fleet
multi-system locomotives
intermodal platforms purchased between 2019 and 2022

PKP CARGO is striving towards zero-emission rail freight transport by cooperating with other businesses. The use of hydrogen-powered locomotives presents an opportunity to completely eliminate the direct emissions associated with transport on non-electrified sections and during shunting operations in the future. They will be able to replace today’s diesel-powered locomotives, which require fossil fuels to operate.

PKP CARGOTABOR – one of the largest rolling stock repair companies in Europe

It largely maintains and repairs rolling stock itself and is involved in the maintenance, repair and retrofitting of locomotives and wagons in the PKP CARGO Group. It provides services not only to PKP CARGO, but other carriers as well. It has 15 locations across the country.