Purchasing platform

Competitive advantages

The PKP CARGO Group offers logistics solutions leveraging Poland’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe’s main transport routes (North-South, East-West corridor) and its own strengths.

One of PKP CARGO Group’s main competitive advantages is its fleet of rolling stock.

Rail has certain advantages over other modes of transport. PKP CARGO seeks to make the best use of its strengths so that as the logistics chains is covered by rail transport to the largest possible extent.

The scale of operations demonstrates the capabilities of the PKP CARGO Group.

A highly qualified staff and a comprehensive service in the supply chain combining rail, road and maritime transport means that PKP CARGO Group’s offer can be tailored to the needs of both its current and future customers.

Apart from robust infrastructure, the Group’s competitive advantages also comes from the trust built up over many years of cooperation with the ports of Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście and strategic partnerships with carriers.

The relational capital and the ability to collaborate effectively with the regional ports and operators are assets that cannot be provided by foreign competitors, previously absent from Central European markets.

On the way to a green economy

In terms of the business objectives of PKP CARGO Group’s development strategy, one of the key objectives is to achieve a low carbon footprint and further reduce it, especially in areas where the organisation can directly influence its generation.

A favourable low emission rate per tonne-kilometre will contribute to the competitive advantage of logistics using rail over other modes of transport. The increasing market share of renewable energies will bring rail transport close to climate neutrality. Replacing diesel locomotives with hydrogen-cell locomotives could have the same effect. The Group’s proactive stance in this respect, i.e. investments in modern rolling stock and ongoing retrofitting, can support and accelerate this process.