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The PKP CARGO Group offers integrated logistics solutions for intermodal transport.

of intermodal terminals and terminals combining intermodal and conventional functions in 2022.
thousand TEU
PKP CARGO’s annual transhipment capacity in 2022
of our wagon fleet are intermodal platforms, of which 278 units were purchased in 2022

The PKP CARGO Group has 25 transhipment terminals. Seven are intermodal terminals or combine the intermodal and conventional terminal functions.

Intermodal transport is a service involving transport of goods using several modes of transport – e.g. train, ship, car and one loading unit – e.g. a shipping container.

Within the PKP CARGO Group, PKP CARGO CONNECT and PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL specialise in intermodal transport, offering door-to-door, just-in-time and place-on-time services and more.

The PKP CARGO Group invests in the development of intermodal rail transport and its infrastructure.

The Zduńska Wola – Karsznice multimodal terminal is a key component of the terminal network. It is the largest facility of its kind in central Poland, located at the junction of a major European east-west transport line and a north-south route connecting the Adriatic, the Baltic and the North Sea, and more.
The terminal will have an annual handling capacity of 220,000 TEUs and a storage capacity of 4,500 TEUs.

The intermodal market in Poland is very promising and container transport is a huge opportunity for the railways.

By investing in rolling stock and infrastructure, the PKP CARGO Group is forging a new quality in logistics combining different modes of transport. PKP CARGO’s business strategy focuses on the development of intermodal transport.