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Human resources

Human capital is one of the key assets of PKP CARGO Group. All Group companies are stable and reliable employers that create safe and friendly workplaces with responsibility in mind.

Decent and transparent terms of employment and life and health safety in the workplace are a number one priority. It is also about meaningful cooperation with the community and the ability to compromise. Ultimately, it’s stability and predictability. It is also an opportunity to organically build and protect strategic expertise, crucial to the transformational impact of the PKP CARGO Group. Maintaining a leading position in freight shipping in the Three Seas region and on the New Silk Road routes within the EU requires the involvement and commitment of employees. Also, the optimisation of the carbon footprint and the successful identification of potential savings are highly dependent on the proactive attitude of employees. Maintaining full operational efficiency requires, among other things, ensuring continuity of employment regardless of the natural turnover of staff, recruiting them effectively in a demanding labour market and implementing training programmes to educate railway staff. It is also about the need to maintain a safe working environment and a constructive dialogue with the communities.

Safety and health of employees

The area of occupational health and safety is part of the Integrated Management System of the PKP CARGO Group. Measures to promote good and safe working conditions include arranging workstations in accordance with ergonomic principles, ensuring measurements of the working environment (dust, vibrations, noise, lighting), inspections of air conditioning, ventilation, electrical and fire installations, and providing medical and sports packages to employees. In addition, employees at the Group, depending on the scope of their duties, are provided with special meals by means of meal vouchers on the days they carry out specific work, as well as personal protective equipment, work clothing and footwear, and cleaning products.

Health and safety measures

In order to eliminate occupational health and safety risks in the PKP CARGO Group, the following steps are taken:

  • ongoing health and safety checks,
  • regular meetings of the health and safety committee with representatives of all trade unions,
  • continuous monitoring to identify and analyse near misses,
  • ongoing monitoring of the timeliness of potential work-related accidents,
  • conducting quarterly analyses of the accidents that have taken place.

Under the health and safety provisions of the Labour Code, employees are obliged to report irregularities. Under the Labour Code observing health and safety rules is the employee’s primary duty.

In the event of irregularities on the railway infrastructure, employees can report them via the email box [email protected]. Hazards and near misses can also be reported via a form on the Health and Safety website on the intranet. In a situation of threat or danger, employees have the right to stay away from work. Any such situation must be reported to a supervisor.

The PKP CARGO Group provides health and safety training courses resulting from the employer’s obligations as well as further training exceeding the requirements:

  • initial training (general + job-related training),
  • periodic training (due to the duration to the performed type of work),
  • training for persons designated to provide first aid, firefighting measures and evacuation of employees (carried out periodically in a way that ensures the proper functioning of the fire prevention and first aid system).

In addition, on behalf of railway safety, periodic briefings are carried out by supervisors in the Group,