What we do


Railway transport is the core of our operations. Our technical infrastructure and know-how render us a partner of choice for the largest Polish companies and global players present on the Polish market.



PKP CARGO at the moment on the tracks

Coal, coke

Aggregates, construction materials

Timber and agricultural products

Chemicals, liquid fuels

Metals and ores

Automotive and special freight

We drive the economy by the power of our potential and experience.

We are active in all vital areas of the Polish economy, and are increasingly more present on the European markets. We provide our services to a variety of sectors – from mining and metal processing, to construction, chemicals, timber, food and automotive industries.

Every day, 1,000 PKP CARGO trains carry 300-400,000 tonnes of cargo, and we are far from reaching the limit. Railway has a huge growth potential, and cargo transport is a particularly promising sector.


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