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Metals and ores

PKP CARGO Group specializes in railway transportation of metals and ores.

million tons
transported metals and ores in 2022
transport market in Poland based on transportation work in 2022

Our wagons transport nearly all goods used in the metal processing industry. We carry iron ores and steel, non-ferrous metal ores and scrap, blast-furnace slag, semi-products and finished metal products. We specialise in the transport of non-standard size goods. We took on the challenge of transporting e.g. 120 metre long rails manufactured at ArcelorMittal's mill in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Significant market share

Metals and ores are the third largest group of cargo transported by PKP CARGO.

the share of transporting ores and metals in all PKP CARGO transports in 2022
billion tkm
transportation work in 2022
million tons
freight mass in 2022