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We operate 25 handling terminals at key locations in Poland; six are located close to the eastern border.

Our customers can use our 25 handling terminals located across the country. They include two specialised logistics centres: Małaszewicze, near the border with Belarus, and Medyka-Żurawica, close to the border with Ukraine. We also operate container terminals in Gliwice, Poznań Franowo, Warsaw and Paskov in Czech Republic.

25 handling terminals

2 logistics centres

5 container terminals

Małaszewicze – a logistics centre close to the border with Belarus

In 2010, we launched the Logistics Centre Małaszewice close to the border with Belarus, equipped with modern terminals for broad-gauge/standard-gauge exchange. The terminal offers handling, forwarding, storage and packaging services.

Medyka-Żurawica – a logistics centre on the border with Ukraine

The Logistics Centre Medyka-Żurawica is located at the border crossing Medyka-Mościska. The centre boasts comprehensive infrastructure, enabling comprehensive support of our partners, including handling, unloading and loading of goods for railway and car transport, warehousing and storage, sorting, packing and crushing, as well as changeover for wagons holding goods which cannot be transferred or otherwise handled.

Poznań-Franowo – a strategic container terminal

The latest PKP CARGO's intermodal investment project is the Poznań-Franowo terminal, located at the junction of major transport routes. The terminal is the largest freight station in Wielkopolska, the size of its yard reaching 20,000 square metres, and the track system totalling 1,570 running metres in length. The terminal's handling capacity is 60,000 containers.

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