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CARGOTABOR is a member of PKP CARGO GROUP, and one of the largest rolling stock companies in the world.

Our locomotives and wagons help us dispatch several hundred trains every day. CARGOTABOR's core business includes maintenance, upgrade and repair of all rolling stock items. CARGOTABOR is soon to provide services not only to PKP CARGO, but also to other carriers.

1,250 GPS-equipped locomotives

62,500 wagons

15 specialised divisions

Modern management methods at PKP CARGOTABOR

In 2014, PKP CARGOTABOR implemented lean management at all its rolling stock maintenance sites. The approach enables identification and elimination of ineffective stages in the production or service process. The method contributes to a marked growth in rolling stock maintenance efficiency, as well as improvements in safety and working conditions.

One of the largest rolling stock companies in the world

PKP CARGOTABOR operates 15 sites across Poland. The company specialises in the maintenance and repair of diesel and electric locomotives, as well as maintenance of wagons and axles.

Leader's flexibility

We are able to adapt to market conditions and quickly increase the number of wagons in stock even by 15%. In 2014, we prepared 3,000 additional coal wagons, which enabled us to deliver our customers' orders during the peak transport season.

We are second to none in Poland in terms of the rolling stock fleet size and infrastructure. Our business scale, flexibility and versatility are our key advantages. Our rolling stock capacity is not only an advantage in terms of size, but quality as well.


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