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PKP CARGO Group ESG Strategy Approval and Incorporation

PKP CARGO S.A. Management Board („Company”, „PKP CARGO”) informs, that on Dec 11th 2023 the Supervisory Board of the Company approved and incorporated  ESG Strategy  of the PKP CARGO Group („ESG Strategy”).

Key objectives of ESG Strategy of PKP CARGO Group:

Strategic goal: We will actively shape the rail market, the most sustainable form of freight transport, through investment, innovation, market education and pursuit of management improvement.

Operational targets:

  1. We will include ESG criteria into the process of modernization and purchase of rolling stock, taking into account the need for decarbonisation in the key business and operational activities of the Group
  2. We will implement the principles of a circular economy and aim to reduce the use of the resources
  3. We will strengthen human capital by acquiring the best talents and ensuring safe, comfortable and diverse workplace
  4. We will strive to change the energy use model towards increasing the share of renewable energy sources, taking into account the specificity of the rail transport market
  5. We will build the awareness of the benefits arising from of sustainable transformation both within the organization and in its environment, including our value chain
  6. We will build a sustainable service offer based on ESG activities
  7. We will deepen the dialogue with stakeholders to better address their needs and grow partnerships
  8. We will optimize business processes and freight transport in terms of ESG using digital tools

Legal basis: Art. 17 p. 1 MAR – confidential information