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Consent given to enter into a framework cooperation agreement with Grupa AZOTY companies

The Management Board of PKP CARGO S.A. (“Company”) hereby reports that on 4 October 2022 it gave its consent to the execution of a framework cooperation agreement (“Agreement”) by and between PKP CARGO S.A. and Grupa AZOTY companies.

The Agreement will set forth the general terms and conditions of commercial cooperation between the Company and the following Grupa Azoty companies: Grupa Azoty S.A., Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A., Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne “POLICE” S.A., Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” S.A., Grupą Azoty “FOSFORY” Sp. z o.o. and Grupa Azoty Kopalnie i Zakłady Chemiczne Siarki “SIARKOPOL” S.A., under future commercial agreements to be entered into by and between the Company and the said companies.

The subject matter of the Agreement will be the provision of transport services by the Company to the said Grupa Azoty companies as part of which fertilizers and other chemicals will be carried domestically and internationally, in import and export operations, for the total freight volume of 3.44 million tons during the term of the Agreement, that is until 31 August 2024.

The expected estimated net value of the Agreement during its term of validity will be PLN 208.50 million (PLN 256.50 million with VAT).

Legal basis:
Article 17(1) of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Market Abuse