Who we are

Why us

Five characteristics set us apart from our competitors and allow us to provide top-quality integrated services both on the Polish and European TFL market (transport, forwarding, logistics).

Comprehensive support

Our unique competence in forwarding, as well as our handling infrastructure and know-how in railway transport help us develop integrated logistics chains.

Technical infrastructure

One of key competitive advantages of PKP CARGO Group is our technical infrastructure. Our customers take advantage of over 67th railway wagons, 1,200 GPS-equipped locomotives and 25 handling terminals.

Scale of operations

We transport over 116mn tonnes of goods every year, delivering 40,000 forwarding orders. We run several hundred trains every day.

Experienced staff

A total of 23,000 staff members of PKP CARGO Group are always there to support our customers. Their experience and competence ensures delivery of even the most complex tasks and top service quality.

European reach

PKP CARGO Group offers state-of-the-art logistics solutions in nine EU countries, using our strategic location at the meeting point of Europe's key transport routes.

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