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PKP CARGO is a modern organization with over 18,000 employees, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, aware of its expertise and development perspectives. Discover seven most interesting areas which allow us to fuel the economy, support business, set new directions and care about history. Learn more about PKP CARGO.

PKP CARGO is the second largest railway operator in Europe and the largest in Poland, with an over 52% share of the rail freight market. Having enormous potential, the company conducts independent shipping activities in Poland and eight EU countries. Every day, a thousand trains carry 300 thousand tonnes of cargo.

The PKP CARGO Group systematically increases its share of foreign shipments. In 2016, a forwarding company took up activities in Germany to benefit from the potential of Western European markets.

More than 70% of in-country coal and coke shipments are transported by PKP CARGO wagons. The company is the largest carrier of aggregates and construction materials. It is the most often chosen carrier of metals and ores, as well as the partner of a number of respected brands from the automotive, chemical, petrochemical and wood sectors.

The advantage of PKP CARGO remains intermodal transport and foreign services. An additional impetus is the rail transport of containers from China to Europe. By taking advantage of this trend, the PKP CARGO Group remains the undisputed leader in in-country transport and a major player in Europe.

The PKP Cargo Group systematically increases its share in transport in Central and Eastern Europe. We carry out our operations abroad with the participation of a subsidiary - AWT. Together, we provide services in the North-South corridor, from the Baltic Sea, via the Adriatic, to the Black Sea.

The PKP CARGO Group has strategically located transshipment terminals. The shipments from China to Poland and Europe arrive via the terminal in Małaszewicze. The Poznań - Franowo terminal is located at the intersection of two strategic transport routes: North-South and East-West. Ostrava Paskov in the Czech Republic is in turn an important transshipment terminal on the map of Baltic-Adriatic Sea – Black Sea railway connections.

PKP CARGO has the largest rail rolling stock potential in Poland, consisting of more than 2.5 thousand locomotives and more than 65 thousand freight wagons. GPS modules on locomotives allow tracking the train positions in real time.

PKP CARGO CONNECT specializes in rail, road and sea freight forwarding in Poland and other countries in Europe and Asia. It offers the latest logistics solutions in every sector of the economy.

AWT is the second largest rail operator in the Czech Republic, and is a proven partner for large industrial groups and global corporations in Central and Eastern Europe.

PKP CARGO SERVICE focuses on comprehensive rail sidings services, and transport and traction services.

PKP CARGOTABOR is one of the largest companies engaged in repairing and upgrading of rail rolling stock in Europe.

CARGOTOR handles maintenance services of railway infrastructure and provides logistic and service infrastructure for other railway carriers.

PKP CARGO is the first European rail operator listed on the Stock Exchange. Since its debut, PKP CARGO has been repeatedly awarded prestigious awards and positioned in leading rankings:

-SPECIAL PRIZE OF INFOSTREFA S.A. in the Golden Website Contest 2016 within the scope of investor relations by the use of modern methods of internet communication.

-NOMINATION FOR THE „BUSINESS SHARK” AWARD in the category „Debut of the 25th anniversary” in the framework of the Capital Market Forum.

-PRESENCE IN THE GROUP OF COMPANIES BELONGING TO THE RESPECT INDEX meeting the highest standards of corporate governance, information governance and investor relations.

EXPERIENCED TEAM PKP CARGO is based primarily on the knowledge and experience of the employees who build its success. We provide an extensive system of training and improvement of qualifications to our employees. We employ highly trained drivers who run trains with the goods of our customers in Poland and eight countries of the European Union. The experienced crew responds effectively to market challenges so that PKP CARGO is able to grow and achieve its objectives every day.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT For PKP CARGO, innovation is a prerequisite for development. We are committed to research and development activities along with the National Centre for Research and Development, as well as the Agency for Industrial Development. Optimization of transportation, innovation, modern logistics solutions, improvement of security issues and e-mobility will shape the future carriage of goods in Europe.

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