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PKP CARGO is a modern organization with over 18,000 employees, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, aware of its expertise and development perspectives. Discover seven most interesting areas which allow us to fuel the economy, support business, set new directions and care about history. Learn more about PKP CARGO.

We are the largest freight railway transport operator in Poland and the second largest operator in Europe, with our market share exceeding 51%. We operate effectively in nine EU countries. We provide services for clients from each sector of the economy. One thousand of our trains transport up to 400,000 tons of cargos every day.

Solid fuels constitute the largest part of our freight business. We are the leading carrier of coal and coke in Poland. 70% of coal transported by rail in Poland are transported by means of our wagons. Taking part in the performance of strategic infrastructure investments, we deliver 350,000 tons of aggregates and materials to construction sites every year. Our huge potential and logistics efficiency makes us the mostly appointed carrier of metals and ores, as well as a partner of many respected brands from the chemical and petrochemical industries.

We are also the leader in intermodal transports in Poland, with our market share of 50%. On this market, we operate all over the world. In June 2015, we entered into a contract with a Chinese partner, Zhengzhou International Hub, with which we intend to build a dry port in Małaszewicze. A logistics centre will be created there in future, which is to service the transport of goods between Europe and Asia in a complex way. Already nowadays, Małaszewicze is considered to be a railway gate from Asia to Europe.

Our main direction for expansion is Europe, as the Polish market offers limited development opportunities. By implementing our growth strategy abroad, we took over a Czech transport operator, AWT, in May 2015. In consequence, we became the second largest transport operator in the Czech Republic. This is one element of our logistics jigsaw puzzle, which allows us to service transports in the North-South corridor, from the Baltic to the Adriatic, in a more effective way.

We possesses the largest railway rolling stock in Poland. We perform our transports by means of locomotives equipped with GPS modules, which allows us to track their position in real time. It also helps us to manage the railway rolling stock effectively and our clients to check the current location of the train set with their parcel. It may be found in one of 67th freight wagons we use.

PKP CARGOTABOR is a company of the Group PKP CARGO, which services and cares about a good state of our locomotives and wagons. The company belongs to the largest railway rolling stock companies all over the world. Fifteen professional branches handle periodic inspections of locomotives and wagons, perform current maintenance and modernization works every day.

In 2015, were purchased 15 modern multi-system locomotives for PLN 315 million, which may be driven in many countries. This is an important element of our international expansion.

PKP CARGO values the experience and engagement of our employees. We believe that the success of our company depends on the effort of all employees. We employ about 4th highly skilled drivers who drive freight trains of our clients within Poland and in eight other countries in the European Union every day. We provide our employees with a wide system of trainings and upskilling opportunities.

In bridging the generation gap, we employ and train 500 new drivers and candidates every year. The cost of training one person for an independent position amounts even to PLN 100,000. We cover the costs in total, and each of our candidates receives a steady remuneration at PKP CARGO.

Every day, 18,000 qualified employees strive to make PKP CARGO develop further and achieve its objectives. The whole Group employs 24,000 employees, out of which 2,000 are based in the Czech Republic. We make a mix of expertise and youth, railway competences and logistics know-how.

The Group PKP CARGO continuously confirms its position of the integrated logistics operator in Poland and beyond its borders. We possess 25 strategically located transshipping terminals and two logistics centres at the Eastern border of Poland.

We are a logistics one-stop shop, i.e. clients may receive full services along their logistics chains from PKP CARGO. Clients do not have to worry about details. Goods are delivered to a specific place at an agreed time. We deal with all customs formalities, transshipment, storage and warehousing. Our experienced forwarders and logistics specialists are responsible for these activities.

The company PKP CARGO CONNECT is our “single logistics window”. Irrespective of the fact, whether we are appointed by a middle-sized company or a large corporation, we will deliver the best-quality logistics services. Complex services, as we believe that the world is heading “one cargo”, i.e. integrated logistics services. Transport, forwarding, transshipment, warehousing, customs services - everything at one place.

We have a track record of transporting a 125-ton heavy reactor from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, delivering 35-meter high steel constructions to the construction site of the National Stadium in Warsaw, as well as transporting 90-ton heavy main engine shafts to marine engines to Korea and China.

In 2013, PKP CARGO made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw as the first national railway operator in Europe to be listed on a stock exchange. Since that date, we have been continuously pursuing the goal to strengthen the position of PKP CARGO as an international integrated logistics operator.

We have been awarded prestigious prizes: the title “Debut of the Year 2013” by Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów “Parkiet” and the distinction “Best IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange 2013/2014”, awarded by the committee of the conference “Warsaw Market Capital Summit 2014”. Just after one year of being listed on the stock exchange, we were placed at the top of the ranking “Listed Company of the Year” in the category “Investor Relations”.

We pay particular attention to ensuring equal access to information about PKP CARGO for all shareholders, which is the basis for them and investors to make decisions about their shares.

We are glad that the vast majority of our employees have purchased employee shares. It is not only an excellent motivation to increase the company’s value, but also an element of the company’s organizational culture.

One of the elements of our corporate social responsibility policy, which we implemented in 2008, is to care about our history by becoming involved in events promoting Polish railway heritage. We have been a patron of the railway technique’s monuments for years now. We care about more than 100 steam engines, vintage railway rolling stock and equipment which are gathered in the Locomotive Shed in Wolsztyn and the Chabówka Rolling-Stock Heritage Park “Skansen”.

We promote the railway tradition by co-organizing exceptional thematic events. The “Parade of Steam Engines” in Wolsztyn with its almost 25-year long history and the event inaugurated in 2015, “Steam Gala” in Chabówka, are among many others. The events combine the history of railway system with a modern and attractive setting. Every year, they attract thousands of enthusiasts of railways from all over the world.

In 2015, we initiated and were a partner of an extraordinary edition of the “Historical Assistant” titled “About the railways, one thing at a time”, published by the weekly magazine “Polityka”.

For a large European player as PKP CARGO, innovations are essential for its development. They are often created in heads of single persons or small start-ups. From the point of view of such a large company as PKP CARGO, it is crucial to approach fresh ideas and creative entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the Group PKP has become involved in research and development activities in cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development. The main goals of this cooperation are the optimization of transports, innovations, innovative logistics solutions and improved security.

In implementing the strategy assuming the implementation of innovative solutions into daily business, PKP CARGO has also started its cooperation with the Industrial Development Agency. Common cooperation, within the Technology Transfer Platform of the IDA, is to encourage start-ups and scientists to search for solutions fulfilling our business needs.

In caring about highly qualified specialists, as confirmed by an extensive training programme for new traction staff, the Group PKP CARGO started its cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology. Apart from training activities, the Silesian University of Technology together with PKP CARGO will start research and development projects in order to implement patents and new technologies in the railway industry. PKP CARGO has also developed a collaborative relationship to the Bialystok University of Technology.

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