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Following the decision of PKP CARGO S.A. President, “The course of conduct for corruptive threats in PKP CARGO S.A.” shall be binding since January 1, 2018. The set of norms and rules required for the Company’s correct operation is included in this document.


Company’s management strengthens own picture on the market as a competent and reliable unit, with means of the Procedure implemented with due diligence, as well as it simultaneously emphasises its efficient adaptation to changing requirements, amendments to law and new trends for business tools. This Procedure is used for identification of threats, as well as it enables the respective activities - in case of potential irregularities. We want to build permanent relations based on honesty, transparency and professionalism in action, in cooperation with our Customers and Business Partners. Being the largest cargo carrier in Poland and the second one in Europe, we focus on the combination of efficiency in action and compliance with ethical norms, that are stipulated in the internal Company’s regulations, when pursuing our strategic goals. We define the activities oriented on minimisation of risks jointly with our business departments.


Company’s management has responded to the expectations of Employees, Customers and Business Partners, therefore simple tools for notification about any irregularities are proposed.


Customers, Business Partners and people from outside the Company can notify about any irregularities with means of the special dedicated address: [email protected]


Rules in the PKP CARGO S.A. constituting guidelines for investigation of potential irregularity signals, are as follows:


- Every notification is protected from access of unauthorised persons;

- Feedback communication;

- Reliability in explanation of every signal, according to “The course of conduct for corruptive threats in PKP CARGO S.A.”


Company’s Management thanks you for all notifications in advance and assures that every notification will be thoroughly analysed by the Compliance Officer, therefore we ask you for possibly the largest extent of information about the existing irregularity.

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