Timber and agricultural products

Timber and agricultural products account for 7% of our total tonnage. Our advantages in this respect include the rolling stock base and international range of operations.

We are the largest carrier of agricultural products. We skilfully combine different order types – e.g. timber and agricultural products.

4.7 mn tonnes of timber in 2017

80% cereals transported by rail in 2017

5% share in our business

Ready for any kind of challenge

Our comprehensive offer makes us perfectly positioned to meet the needs of any customer. We are experienced in the transport of over 900 types of freight (SKUs) itemised in the harmonised commodity code.

Coal wagons full of timber

Transport, including timber transport, has recorded a steep growth. As a leader in the cargo transport segment, we also support the timber processing industry. In 2017, we delivered nearly 3/4 of total timber transport by rail.

Polish cereals carried by PKP CARGO

In 2017, eight out of ten wagons carrying cereals belonged to PKP CARGO. An 80% market share in cereals freight testifies to our organisational efficiency and attractive offer.

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