Coal and coke

We are the largest carrier of coal and coke in Poland and Central Europe.

PKP CARGO Group has long been connecting major waypoints on the industrial map of Poland and Central Europe. Reliability and experience is what builds trust in our services for mining, power and metal processing sectors.

Over 700 tho wagons of coal in 2020

57% of coal rail freight in Poland in 2020

49% of coke rail freight in Poland in 2020

We carry Polish coal and coke

Poland is a coal production giant in Europe. We are proud to support as much as 70% of coal tonnage on this huge market.

Coal and coke

Our country is among the leading manufacturers of coking coal. We are the primary carrier in Poland in this respect, and a recognised provider on the German and Austrian market.

Good prospects for the coal market

Recent forecasts indicate that coal will remain the foundation of the Polish power generation industry. What is more, there is a broader trend in Western Europe to invest in coal-fired power plants. This opens up opportunities for strengthening our position as a strategic partner of the mining and power generation sectors.

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