Chemicals, liquid fuels

We have the most extensive experience in the transport of chemicals and liquid fuels on the Polish market. We partner with the largest manufacturers in the region.

Our integrated offer and unique competence help us develop cooperation with leading chemical and petrochemical manufacturers. We are proud to support flagship brands of the sector, recognised and renowned all across Europe.

3bn litres of fuels in 2014

6 mn tonnes in 2014

7% share in our business

We offer a broad range of services for the chemical and petrochemical sector.

Experience acquired over the years of cooperation with the chemical and petrochemical industry renders our company perfectly positioned to offer tailor-made, comprehensive solutions for the transport of crude oil and its derivatives, fertilisers and other chemicals.

We take on logistics challenges in the transport of chemicals.

We are a trusted partner of chemical manufacturers who sell their products both in Poland and beyond. In 2017, we carried 6 mn tonnes of chemicals and fertilisers.

We transport petrochemicals.

In 2017, we transported a total of 3bn litres of liquid fuels. This quantity would be sufficient to fill up three times each of the 15mn cars owned by Polish citizens.

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