Automotive and special freight

We specialise in car transport options. We carry roughly as many cars per year as there are residents in Szczecin, Poland.

Our experience and rolling stock help us deliver orders for multinational groups in the automotive business.

400,000 cars carried in 2017

20 contracts in 2014

330 new flat wagons for containters

A varied transport offer for the automotive segment

Our offer includes transport of parts to production sites and finished cars to handling terminals, logistics centres and sea ports. We also provide export and transit freight.

Our business scale is our advantage.

We carried a whopping 400,000 passenger cars in 2017. Our customers are offered the advantage of over 300 new specialised platforms.

Special freight with PKP CARGO

We are experts at special freight. We support non-standard sizes.

Interested in our offer?

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48 22 391 47 65 48 22 391 47 65

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