Aggregates, construction materials

We provide all raw materials (e.g. gravel, sand, cement, lime) required for key infrastructural projects in Poland.

PKP CARGO Group is involved in key infrastructural projects in Poland, delivering the necessary aggregates and construction materials.

390,000 wagons in 2017

62% market share in the segment

20% of our business

Experienced in aggregate transport.

We are responsible for delivering aggregates and construction materials for key infrastructural projects. We transport rock and gravel, as well as hydro-engineering aggregate for the construction and armouring of piers.

Good prospects for the cement market

Poland is among Europe's major cement producers. Experts estimate that its sales figures will steeply grow in the years to come. PKP CARGO Group intends to capitalise on that trend by offering proven solutions to the manufacturers of cement.

PKP CARGO wagons with construction materials

In 2017, we ran a total of 390,000 wagons with aggregate and construction materials, which accounted for 62% of tonnage carried in this category, and 20% of the total freight by PKP CARGO.

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