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PKP CARGO Connect, member of PKP CARGO Group, is specialised in railway and road forwarding in Poland and on transit routes.

The services offerred by PKP CARGO Connect include railway, road, sea and air forwarding in Poland and other European countries, as well as in Asia. The company delivers over 40,000 orders from almost every economic sector every year.

12 branch offices

18 customs agencies

40,000 orders per year

A company with a tradition

PKP CARGO CONNECT is an international operator with its own logistics infrastructure. The extensive experience of the company comes in useful in the delivery of most complex forwarding projects in Poland and beyond. Services in the area of forwarding provides also PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL.

Company-owned logistics infrastructure

A major advantage of PKP CARGO Connect is that it has its own logistics infrastructure. It comprises 12 branch offices scattered across Poland and 4 handling terminals and depots located in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Ukraine and Belarus. PKP CARGO Connect also operates five handling terminals in Central and Southern Poland, as well as 18 customs agencies across the country.

Varied service offer

The services of PKP CARGO Connect include not only railway and road forwarding, but also the organisation of sea and air transport: ferry transport of trains and cars between Poland and Scandinavia, transport of oversized cargo and extremely heavy cargo, as well as biomass and cereals transport. The company also provides handling services at sea ports and land terminals, including comprehensive customs clearance support.

"We are present at all railway border crossings, at Polish sea ports and transport hubs. We arrange for transport of all types of freight in Europe and Asia."

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