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1/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

„The Wolsztyn Steam Engine Depot” can start the train service

The culture institution "The Wolsztyn Steam Engine Depot" has received the certificate and authorization of a railway undertaking. Thanks to this, it will be able to organize train journeys lead by historical locomotives.

The security certificate (section A and B) issued by the President of the Railway transport Office confirms that the railway undertaking is equipped with an approved safety management system. It entitles to access to the railway infrastructure and provide traction services.

The culture institution "The Wolsztyn Steam Engine Depot" as rail carrier will be able to start its very first retro train at the beginning of January 2017.

- This decision is good news for lovers of steam locomotives and retro style train journeys. I am glad that we were able to issue a safety certificate for The Wolsztyn Steam Engine Depot. The institution has met all the requirements and will be able to organize journeys using historical locomotives - said Ignacy Góra, President of the UTK.

The culture institution "The Wolsztyn Steam Engine Depot" was set up in June 2016 by PKP CARGO S.A. and local governments of Wielkopolska region, Wolsztyn County and the town of Wolsztyn. This is the last place in Europe, which until recently had regular passenger traffic by use of steam locomotives. Also every year at the turn of April and May, locomotive parades are being organized that attract thousands of lovers of historic locomotives.

- The receiption by "The Wolsztyn Steam Engine Depot" of a rail carriage license and the ability to run the trains individually are crucial for the functioning of the institution of culture. This in fact restores train journeys with the world-famous Wolsztyn locomotives. I hope that steam-driven trains will give the impulse for a further development of the Steam Engine Depot – commented Maciej Libiszewski, Chairman of the Board of PKP CARGO.



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