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3/29/2018 12:00:00 AM

President of the Management Board of PKP CARGO: We promote organic growth and acquisitions

The President of the Management Board, Czesław Warsewicz, presented the directions of development of PKP CARGO S.A. Most significant areas include organic growth and acquisitions. This aims at increased market presence of the Company and building competitive advantage.

On 29 March this year, for the first time since taking charge of the Company, the President of the Board of PKP CARGO S.A., Czesław Warsewicz, met for the first time with analysts and journalists at a press conference at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where he outlined the main areas of development and challenges awaiting the Company.

The goal of PKP CARGO S.A. is to reach 60-65% of shares in the national market by 2022, using both the economic growth potential and the Company’s potential. The current market share of PKP CARGO S.A. is substantially lower than shares of leaders in local markets of rail transport in other European countries, such as Germany, Austria, France or Italy.

- To increase market shares, we should improve the effectiveness of operations and better use the effects of scale and synergy with other entities within the Group. Moreover, we need to obtain essential resources, meaning invest, especially in purchasing and modernising the stock. Hence, we want to increase the EBITDA dynamics in comparison to the previous years. – emphasized the President of the Management Board of PKP CARGO S.A.

The second short- and mid-term goal of the Company’s development is the growth of its activity on the international market. President Warsewicz informed about undertaking works on a joint-venture project and several other acquisition projects.

The head of PKP CARGO S.A. also referred to the challenges faced by the Company in the long-term perspective. In its transport activities, the Company aims at active use of the achievements in terms of technique and technology, including the New Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Company will also more actively participate and take better advantage, as a beneficiary, of the opportunities provided by the development of the New Silk Road, supported by the establishment of the Central Communications Port as the main logistics hub for the project in this part of Europe. PKP CARGO S.A. will also actively participate in the Three Seas Initiative - the development of north-south transport, key for the countries in this part of Europe.

- In the period of the transport boom, we would like to take most advantage of the potential within PKP CARGO. After discounting all benefits, we want to be an important global player and strengthen the leading position on the international market – underlined President Warsewicz.


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