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2/21/2017 12:00:00 AM

PKP LHS and PKP CARGO strengthen their cooperation in the New Silk Road

A common international bill of lading and an increase in reloading in the Euroterminal in Sławków are the main objectives of PKP LHS and PKP Cargo, which will allow better use of the potential of the New Silk Road. Representatives of the companies positively assessed their cooperation and took actions that will boost mutual benefits.

- The joining of PKP LHS to the TMTM Trans-Caspian corridor, which connects China with Europe, gives a chance to increase the container transport using LHS lines and the Euroterminal in Sławków. These containers must be transported further into Western Europe on standard gauge lines. It is a natural area for cooperation between the two companies - said Zbigniew Tracichleb, President of the Board of PKP LHS.

The wide-gauge railway PKP LHS operates six stations adjoining stations with standard-gauge tracks and a gauge switching point of carriages from the broad track to standard. PKP CARGO and PKP LHS will develop mechanisms to help customers fulfil cargo transport with the use of the potential of the adjoining stations and lines with different track gauges. The increase in rail transport on the route from Asia to Western Europe creates opportunities for cooperation between the two companies.

- We intend to strengthen cooperation in these areas that benefit both companies. In particular, the common commercial projects in export, import and transit, which will be implemented on the basis of a common international bill of lading, with some lines of standard gauge and partly with the broad gauge line LHS 65 - said Maciej Libiszewski, President of the Board of PKP CARGO.

Another area in which the Companies will work together closely is the Euroterminal in Sławków. Currently, PKP LHS and PKP CARGO are its minority shareholders. This creates a great potential for joint projects, using specific characteristics and strengths of both PKP Cargo and PKP LHS. The boards of both companies have agreed to cooperate closely in this regard.


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On Tuesday, April 10th, 2017 in Shanghai, the President of PKP CARGO Maciej Libiszewski and the President of Worldwide Logistics Group Jacky Lim signed the agreement to tighten cooperation which would enable PKP CARGO to be established in China.


In 2016 the PKP CARGO Group's revenues amounted to 4,411 million PLN, with EBITDA of 562 million PLN.

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