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7/5/2019 12:00:00 AM

Invitation to Summer with steam engines

Summer with steam engines is a very popular series of educational meetings addressed to children, young people and their parents. We want to popularize knowledge about rail history and travel through play and education. This year, between 1 June and 7 September, we will organize thematic weekends, which are very popular among visitors. the events will take place at following locations:

- the Museum of Rolling Stock in Chabówka,
- Museum Station in Warsaw,
- Campsite in Zduńska Wola Karsznicach,
- the engine house in Wolsztyn and
- the engine house in Skierniewice.

The events taking place in Chabówka will be present a unique opportunity for the enthusiasts of retro trains.

The culmination of the series of these educational meetings is Steam Engines Gala ("Parowozjada"), the largest steam engine show in the south of Poland, which gathers approx. 5,000 annually. participants. This year's fifteenth edition will take place on July 20-21 in the Open-air Museum of Rolling Stock in Chabówka.

Numerous attractions:

- Visiting the Open-air Museum of Rolling Stock
- Trips by antique retro trains to Kasina Wielka
- Painting faces
- Water tattoos with rail-related images
- "up in the air with the balloons" creating mascots, animals and various figures from balloons
- A magic conductor in the world of spells and illusions
- Competitions and games with animators

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Steam Engines Gala is one of the largest events popularizing the history of railway in Poland.

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