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1/11/2017 12:00:00 AM

“BIELIK” will guard PKP CARGO shipments

Modern, super light, equipped with cameras even better than before, the drone "Bielik" –White-tailed Eagle – is starting to patrol railway tracks and areas in use by PKP CARGO. Last year, through the use of a drone fleet, the largest Polish rail carrier reduced the theft of goods transported by nearly 50 percent. The new acquisition will help the company in taking better care of security of the supplies and railway infrastructure.

- Our current experience with a fleet of drones is very good. Reducing the number of thefts, increasing security, and the ability to perform remote inspection of warehouses – there is every reason to continue to invest in this technology. Our new acquisition, the drone "Bielik", is a device with the world's highest standards, and invented as a whole, designed and manufactured in Poland. That adds to the enjoyment - emphasizes Maciej Libiszewski, the president of PKP CARGO. "Bielik", like other drones used by the railway company, thanks to high-resolution cameras will allow thieves to be identified on the recordings. - Drones offer huge support in our daily work. When flying, they are practically inaudible, and thanks to their colours and small size they are difficult to see. They can operate in all weather conditions and at night, because they are equipped with thermal imaging cameras that allow you to see a man from a distance of almost a kilometre - adds the president Libiszewski.

“Bielik” was developed in the Dron House S.A. company in the area of Warsaw. It is a quadcopter, and the shape of the hull provides excellent aerodynamic characteristics. High-quality carbon fibre is used for its construction. As a result, the ratio of the drone weight to take-off weight sets it apart from the competition. Propellers of carbon fibre provide high strength compared with those made of plastic and make the drone very agile and dynamic. Another distinctive feature of it is endurance - much better than that of the competition and that is at 3.5 kg. The construction of the drone ensures safe flight in virtually all weather conditions. "Bielik" fears neither rain nor cold. The new machine is equipped with a FULL HD 18 x ZOOM camera with a triple-axis gimbal stabiliser, with the ability to render high-resolution images. Furthermore, the device has a fast processor and a real-time system, allowing you to provide virtually zero latency in the transmission of signals. Data sent between desktop control and the drone is encrypted.

To date, the PKP CARGO fleet of drones has consisted of two types of machines, "the DJI Phantom 3" and "Eagle". Drones transmit recorded live images to the headquarters of the Team for the Prevention of Threats. As a result, employees of the Team can respond quickly to theft and catch thieves red-handed.

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On Tuesday, April 10th, 2017 in Shanghai, the President of PKP CARGO Maciej Libiszewski and the President of Worldwide Logistics Group Jacky Lim signed the agreement to tighten cooperation which would enable PKP CARGO to be established in China.


In 2016 the PKP CARGO Group's revenues amounted to 4,411 million PLN, with EBITDA of 562 million PLN.

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