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6/29/2016 12:00:00 AM

PKP CARGO and local authorities signed a contract on the establishment of an institute of culture in Wolsztyn

On Wednesday, June 29th, the Chairman of the Board of PKP CARGO Maciej Libiszewski and representatives of the Marshal's Office of Wielkopolska Region, District Wolsztyn and the town of Wolsztyn signed an agreement on the establishment of an institute of culture on the basis of the Steam Locomotive Depot Wolsztyn. Thanks to this, this almost 110-year-old historic property will continue to develop its activities and be a sign of the railway heritage in Poland.

- We are committed to foster the heritage of railway technology and promote the tradition of Polish railways. This goal is to be achieved by creating an institute of culture in the Wolsztyn Steam Locomotive Depot. I am satisfied that our initiative was a success, because such formula is a good solution from the perspective of interests of PKP CARGO. It will enable at the same time to continue the operation and development of the Steam Locomotive Depot – says Maciej Libiszewski, Chairman of the Board of PKP CARGO.

PKP took over the Wolsztyn Steam Locomotive Depot in 2003 and provides for it to this day. The company carries out inspection and main repairs of the locomotives, reconstituted the historical wagon trains and restored a large number of machines, equipment, tools and other items used on the railway. The activity of the Steam Locomotive Depot after signature of the agreement on the establishment of the institute of culture will be financed by all of its co-founders.

Taking up the business by the institute of culture could mean a reopening of regular runs of trains operated by Wolsztyn Steam Locomotives, with the support of these activities by railway tourism on a commercial basis. This is a good chance for the development of the historic Steam Locomotive Depot.

As the largest freight rail operator in Poland, PKP CARGO assumes the role of the patron of railway technology monuments. For years, the company provides for the historical rolling stock in Chabowka, Małopolska Region and Wolsztyn, Wielkopolska Region. It also promotes the tradition of railways by organizing railway events – "The parade of locomotives" and "Parowozjady", attracting tens of thousands of railway fans from Poland and all over the world.

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Since the beginning of June PKP CARGO has a freight forwarder in Germany – the PKP CARGO Connect GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg.


In the middle of the last week PKP CARGO commenced transportation of 15 new Flirt 3 rail vehicles from Stadler factory in Siedlce to Hungary.

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