ESG - Sustainable growth


ESG aspects influence company’s results although they are perceived as non-financial. ESG started to be regulated and must be reported as a part of consolidated annual reports.

Sustainable growth of the company is built at the junction of financial results, operational business activities and ESG aspects. Sustainable growth means growth in all directions beneficial to all groups of stakeholders – shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and others. It means applying common sense rules to rational and responsible consumption of resources, so that on the one hand it would benefit the company results but on the other hand it would not pose harm or detriment to anyone. Sustainable growth is understood as a stable and long-term process, designed and implemented through a string of continuous initiatives and projects.


Integrated Report Integrated Report

PKP CARGO Group is currently working on new initiatives that can build culture and help understand ESG within the company and the Group. Following are being implemented:
• Integrated Report publishing (June 2023)
• Acquiring first ESG Rating
• ESG strategy development within Group
• Environmental Report publishing
• Conducting materiality topics assessment among PKP CARGO Group stakeholders in order to enhance Sustainability Report for the next year.

PKP CARGO remains open to any suggestions and proposals of ESG initiatives that can be sent to following email address: [email protected]

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