Dear Customer,

we use global standards in the area of ​​data security and confidentiality. We are constantly working on solutions to protect your data and we strive to ensure that they comply with the latest security standards. However, it is up to you whether you will use them in the right way.

The basic principles of cybersecurity:

    Check the addresses of websites you log in to and their certificates. Always pay attention to whether the login page address (where you enter the user ID and then the password) is preceded by the "https".

    Watch out for false security certificates. Requests for installing additional software (e.g. a certificate or program like i.e. anti-virus application) may be an attempt to fraud.

    Never share your ID, password or authorization code with third parties.

    Do not open attachments from unreliable sources and do not click on suspicious links.

    Regularly update devices and software on your computer and phone (system, applications, browser, antivirus).

    Create complex passwords difficult to guess by outsiders.

    Do not use the same password for different accounts and do not save passwords on cards or files on your computer.

    Do not give / not send your logins and passwords to other people.

    Do not log in via public, unsecured Wi-Fi networks to the PKP CARGO S.A. website and applications available in the Customer Area.

    Do not log in to the PKP CARGO S.A. website and applications available in the Customer Area on publicly available devices, e.g. in cafes or hotels.

    Do not connect external storage media to your device if you are unsure about their safety.

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